Upcoming Events

We hope you will join us for some awesome beer and a good time, located right off Auburn Blvd.

Fun worth sharing!

Welcome Beer Lovers! We are now open on Mondays -ish, yes we say “ish” … if the party is still happening it will stay! Stay tuned for updates for our local band and food truck schedule on Fridays and Saturdays, with alternating events throughout the week.

Monday Special

New glassware is in! Stop by to cool off with “Mega Pint Mondays”. We are now serving some of our favorite beers in 23oz mega pints, but only on Mondays. We hope to see you soon!

Closed Tuesday

Monday is still on a trial basis, but Tuesday activities are still floating around in the back of our minds!

Karaoke Wednesday

Need some liquid courage? We might know a place where you could find some! Let your inner talent flow and let’s get this party started. This is an open mic opportunity, we might bring you in to perform live music on Fridays and Saturdays!

Thirsty Thursday

The week is almost over, join us for $6 pours of our Smooth Sail Cream Ale… you’ve earned it! Let our staff brighten your day with some good ol’ fashioned smiles and laughter. Be sure to check out our calendar to see what food truck we’ve got coming in!

Friday Nights

We all love a good Friday night to knock the edge off after a long week. Join us for some live music with good beer and local food trucks! Dogs on leashes are always welcome, there is even a back patio potty section for our four-legged friends. We are always looking to add to our social media series: Dogs of DarkHeart

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About us

In the darkness within us are our deepest desires and dreams. Here at DarkHeart Brewing, we push the limits on craft beers to bring new takes on classic profiles. Captain Rick’s beers are well balanced, true to style, with a passion to make craft beers that delight the soul.

Dare to Dream … light into the Darkness.