Rick Lee

"Captain Rick"

BJCP Certified Beer Judge

“Captain Rick” Lee is the Brewmaster/Head Brewer at DarkHeart Brewing. His Passion for brewing has been a labor of
love for the past 10 years. With the opening of DarkHeart
brewing, the dream he has worked so hard to manifest will finally become a reality. As a successful home brewer, Rick won many awards at local fairs as well as the prestigious Sacramento Fresh Hop Beer Fest Brewers Choice Award in 2014. He is also a BJCP Certified beer judge. Rick loves traditional German beers, IPAs and has a new found love for experimental brews as well. He is also creative and strives to perfect every creation utilizing the latest in brewing techniques and ingredients. We look forward to the Journey with Captain Rick at the Helm!!

Cynthia Lee

"Miss Cynthia"

Event Coordinator/CEO
BJCP Certified Beer Judge

Miss Cynthia is our Front Facing Guest Liaison. She has been running community and Charity based events for the past 10 years in Sacramento. This Los Gatos Gal also comes from an Event/Chamber of Commerce background and training from Disney University on guest experience. Her extensive experience with beer events in the Sacramento Area over the past 10 years will make her the perfect fit
for Guest Experience and Events at DarkHeart Brewing. As a BJCP Certified Beer Judge she knows her way around a Lager and a mash tun.
Cynthia also will be a huge part of recipe development with the brewery and Captain Rick’s Right hand Gal in the Brewery. She is often seen at the Brewery petting a dog or two after mashing out with a smile on her face. It is our goal to make your time with DarkHeart Brewing stress free and enjoyable.

Robert Porter


GM/Guest Experience Facilitator

Robert Porter, commonly known to most as “Porter” brings an eclectic set of skills to the mix Porter started out in in project management thru Home Depot. His creative side led him to the world of Fine Dining. This forward thinker is the heart and soul of Porters House of Draft in Roseville. We look forward to a new take on some favorite recipes in a Grab-and-GO small bite presentation at DarkHeart Brewing. The perfect accompaniment to DarkHeart’s wide selections of delicious beers!